Lessons are a big part of what we do. We have a wonderful group of teachers and two floors of lesson rooms! Give us a call to reserve your spot!

Lesson prices are $26.00/half hour for the Piano, Sax, Trumpet, Violin, & Voice. All other instrument lessons are $24.00/half hour. We currently offer the following:

  • Clarinet: Taught by Nils
  • Saxophone: Taught by Jim, Nils
  • Trumpet: Taught by Jim, Gary
  • Trombone: Taught by Jim
  • Fiddle/Violin: Taught by Rob, Lorinda
  • Guitar: Taught by Niles, Ned, Charlie, Rob
  • Base Guitar: Taught by Nils, Ned, Charlie, Rob
  • Ukulele: Taught by Nils, Ned, Charlie, Rob
  • Mandolin: Taught by Ned, Rob
  • Slide Guitar: Taught by Ned
  • Piano: Taught by Dechteres, Stephanie
  • Voice: Taught by Stephanie
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Exeter, NH
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